Pressure Tanks

A pressure tank, available from American Pump & Well Service & Repair, is one of the components in a pressurized pumping system. Its main purpose is to provide you with water pressure. Without the tank working properly, the system itself will not work correctly and, as a result, you will have very low or no water pressure at all. An improperly working pressure tank can also cause damage to the pump.

Each tank is approximately 75% contained with air set at a pressure determined for usage. Water takes up the remaining 25% of each tank¡¯s interior area. The air and water are separated by an elastic membrane. When water fills the tank it forces the membrane into the air¡¯s space thus pressurizing the air. At the same time, the air¡¯s resistance causes the water to become pressurized as well. Working properly, when the tank is opened to release the water, it is assisted by the air. As the compressed air pushes out the water, the air fills the volume of the tank until all the water is emptied out.

Problems arise when a leak appears in the elastic membrane. The pressure tank fails because either the water enters into the air¡¯s space or air finds its way into the water¡¯s space. When that happens, a call to American Pump & Well Service & Repair is the best way to get help and get your water properly flowing again.