The basic function of any pump purchased from and installed by American Pump & Well Service & Repair is to move water from its source to where you need it.

You can pump the water directly from a well into your home or to the point of use. Or you can pump it from a well into a storage tank and from there the water is moved into your home or the designated point of use. When pumping directly from a well you need only one submersible pump and it is located in the well. When pumping from a well then to a storage tank, and then to your home or point of use, two pumps are necessary. One is in the well to pump water into your storage tank and then another pump moves the water from the tank to your home or point of use.

The term ¡°point of use¡± refers to out-of-home water usage such as irrigation, animal consumption or even dust control.

American Pump & Well Service & Repair carries a complete line of quality pumps for well and storage tank use and can recommend and install the pump or pumps you need to properly keep your water flowing.

A single, submersible pumping system is fine where your well produces the desired amount of water. If water pressure is low, we carry most major brand centrifugal and booster pumps to increase pressure for your current water system. Keep in mind that these above-ground pumps can only lift water a short distance. They are made to pump water and not suck water from the ground or from a storage tank.