Water Well Rehabilitation and Cleaning

Water wells commonly require well rehabilitation and cleaning due to a variety of water quality problems that occur over time. Common signs of water wells in need of rehabilitation or cleaning are taste, odor, and/or discoloration in water.

Water well rehabilitation and cleaning is the process of removing deposits and bacterias causing unsafe drinking standards. Common well failures may be cause incrustation, Biofouling, Physical plugging of the formation and Screen, and/or corrosion.

Incrustation is caused by the formations of dissolved minerals from the groundwater. It may form a hard, brittle, cement like deposit or it may be a soft, paste-like sludge under different conditions. Biofouling occurs when communities of natural organisms create slime deposits in and around the water well.

Taking the correct route for well rehabilitation will consider many options in order to essure the best quality of drinking water.