Even though you may (or think you may) have the skill and the tools to ¡°repair it yourself,¡± we recommend that you call American Pump & Well Service & Repair to resolve any problems with your water well or pumping system. The only way you can be certain that repairs are being performed correctly is to have a pump technician, who does this kind of work day in and day out, do the job.

When any single part of your system is not working properly it can have a negative effect on one or more of the other parts. Calibrated properly, they all work together within each other, each part performing an important function. Our qualified technicians have years of experience out in the field. They know what needs to be done and will repair any and all problems safely and correctly.

There is a huge safety risk involved when you attempt any repair yourself. Keep in mind that you are dealing with 240 Volts AC. For example, if you are bent over and happen to be holding on to a pipe to support yourself, you have unknowingly made a good ground connection for electricity. Should you accidentally touch voltage with your other hand, you will create a pathway for an electrical current to pass through your body. The human heart is not designed to experience that kind of amperage and you may seriously injure yourself or worse.

With the experience required and the danger involved, American Pump & Well Service & Repair is the smart call for troubleshooting your water well or pumping system.